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Hahira Postmasters

On the USPS website at http://webpmt.usps.gov/pmt002.cfm the following list is provided.
Name Title Date Appointed
Berry J. Folsom Postmaster 05/07/1852
Randal Folsom Postmaster 06/25/1858
Discontinued on June 27, 1866
Reestablished on October 10, 1873
Ivey Lawson Postmaster 10/10/1873
Irvin Lawson Postmaster 11/26/1879
William W. Webb Postmaster 01/30/1891
Robert E. Barfield Acting Postmaster 07/06/1918
Robert E. Barfield Postmaster 12/06/1918
Hugh C. Register Acting Postmaster 06/16/1919
Benjamin L. Cumbus Postmaster 02/20/1920
Hugh C. Register Acting Postmaster 05/13/1921
Hugh C. Register Postmaster 11/23/1921
Marion Lott Postmaster 02/19/1935
Hugh C. Register Postmaster 08/04/1939
Norwood H. Miley Acting Postmaster 04/01/1943
Willie H. Massey Postmaster 02/17/1944
Mrs. Luella Daniels Acting Postmaster 05/01/1945
Norwood W. Miley Acting Postmaster 05/31/1948
Norwood W. Miley Postmaster 03/03/1949
James B. Rainey Jr. Officer-In-Charge 07/09/1982
James E. Barber Postmaster 10/30/1982
Gwendolyn C. Passmore Officer-In-Charge 10/01/1992
Arlton R. Bracewell Postmaster 01/23/1993
Clyde Jackson Officer-In-Charge 11/14/1995
Donald J. Bryan Officer-In-Charge 06/05/1996
Gwendolyn C. (King) Couch Postmaster 01/04/1997
Gwendolyn C. King's name changed to Gwendolyn C. Couch
by marriage on March 14, 1997.
Katrina C. Burk Officer-In-Charge 10/28/2002
Stanley E. Carr Postmaster 02/08/2003
Rusty Griner Officer-In-Charge 12/09/2004
Wayne F. Stewart Postmaster 01/22/2005
John B. Rowley Officer-In-Charge 06/22/2006
Sharon R. Davis Postmaster 02/03/2007