A Hahira Poem

This poem was found among Mrs. Valeta Johnson's personal belongings after her death.
There's a little town in Georgia
Down in the southern part
It's the nicest place you ever saw
You'll like it from the start.
It's right on the Dixie Highway
With the cutest homes around;
If it keeps on growing as it is now,
It's going to be hard to keep down.
But what impressed me the most;
When first I visited it;
Was that fresh, clean look it had 
Which makes it a "sure fire" hit.
It's noted for Tobacco
And grows the very best;
They're even building a cigarette factory,
So you'll have a new brand to test.
All over the rolling country
as far as you can see;
Are those fields of golden tobacco
and they sure looked good too.
For I'm a "Georgia Cracker"
And I love my native state:
It makes me awful proud to see,
Things improving at this rate.
This town is called Hahira
I've been telling you about,
I don't know what the name means,
But something good without a doubt.
Sometimes when you're in Georgia
And happen to be looking around;
Suppose you follow the Highway, 
And visit "The Gold Leaf Town".
From an undated clipping from The Hahira Gold Leaf  newspaper - Author Unknown