Hahira Housing Authority

The City of Hahira is served by the Housing Authority of Nashville (HACN) and currently offers one (1) public housing community with 16 units.  

Board Members
  • Cathy Daniels
  • Emily Mathis
  • Jeanette Clanton
  • Nancy Purvis
  • Orabell Registery

To apply, please visit the HACN at 409 Hull Avenue Nashville, Georgia 31369 to submit an application in person.  Their office hours are from 7:30 am - 4:00 pm EDT, Monday - Thursday.  All qualified applicants will be placed by the date and time their application is received. 

Be sure to bring the following documents for ALL adult household members when applying:
  • Birth certificate
  • Social security card
  • Proof of all income
  • Photo ID
For more information, please contact the HACN at (229) 686-9321.

Ethics Committee

The purpose of the Hahira Ethics Committee is to investigate complaints of an ethical nature regarding Hahira's elected officials.  The City of Hahira is committed to adhering to a code of practice and professional responsibilities to help guide all city government codes and practices. These include the principles, values, standards and rules of behavior that guide all of the decisions, procedures and systems of Hahira in a way that positively contribute to the welfare of our citizens, businesses, visitors and staff. 

The Ethics Committee shall consist of three (3) persons, one appointed by the Mayor, one appointed by the Council, and the third member appointed by the Mayor and Council.  The committee is advised by the City Attorney, Rob Plumb, and is governed by an Ethics Ordinance.

Receipt of Complaints
  • All complaints against elected officials shall be filed with the Ethics Committee.  All complaints shall be filed in writing, and can be submitted to City Attorney Rob Plumb.  Contact City Hall at (229) 794-2330 for more information.
  • Upon receipt of a written complaint, the Ethics Committee, along with the City Attorney, shall review it to determine whether the complaint is unjustified, frivolous, patently unfounded, or fails to state facts sufficient to invoke the disciplinary jurisdiction of the Hahira City Council.  The Ethics Committee shall be empowered to collect evidence and information concerning any complaint and to add the findings and results of its investigations to the file containing such complaint.
  • Upon completion of its investigation of a complaint, the Ethics Committee shall be empowered to dismiss those complaints which are unjustified, frivolous, patently unfounded, or which fail to state facts sufficient to invoke the disciplinary jurisdiction of the Hahira City Council; provided, however, that a rejection of such complaint by the ethics committee shall not deprive the complaining party of any action he might otherwise have at law or in equity against the respondent government servant.
  • The Ethics Committee shall be empowered to conduct probable cause investigations, to take evidence and hold hearings where provided for in the rules.

Hahira Schools Photo Album

This page is dedicated to the preservation of memories of attending school in Hahira.  On this page we will be posting articles, pictures of students, faculty and buildings of Hahira area schools past and present to bring you joy and happy memories of a wonderful time in the history of our town.  Our hope is to leave you with a smile and provoking thoughts every time you visit.  If you have old school pictures that would be of interest to others please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Now click away and enjoy.

First Posted: January 25, 2000. Wednesday January 09, 2013.

The first decade History of Lowndes County Schools

A history of basketball in Hahira by Peggy Griffin  

Blaze destroys old Hahira school




Hahira is committed to tranparency in purchasing goods and services for the city and to open and fair competition among vendors. Check back periodically for city RFP's, RFQ's, and other procurement opportunities.