The City government consist of a Mayor and four Council Members. The Mayor is elected at large and Council Members are elected by districts. Elected officials serve four year terms and elections are held every two years. Other staff members are a City Manager, Administrative Clerk, Police Chief, Fire Chief, and Public Works Director.


Hahira has a great quality of life. Citizens have access to a historical downtown where they can shop or work. All the daily needs of residents are within walking distance of one another. People are able to walk from their homes to the downtown and shop for food, gifts, clothing, and do their banking. They can also walk to one of the five city maintained parks located throughout the city.    City services provided, are police and fire protection, paved city streets, water, sewer and sanitation. The police and fire departments provide 24 hour protection to businesses and homes. Both departments have state-of-the-art, modern equipment. and work closely with all county, state, and federal law and fire prevention agencies. Through its street and sanitation departments, Hahira strives to provide clean safe, well-lighted streets and dependable garbage and trash collection. The city's entire water and sewer system includes three water storage tanks with a total capacity of 425,000 gallons.  The waste-water treatment facility is capable of treating up to 400,000 gallons per day and uses a state of the art Created Wetlands and a land application system where treated wastewater is applied directly to approximately sixty acres of agricultural land by irrigation methods, thus allowing the living filter of soil and growing vegetation to continue the treatment process and provide nutrients to the ground.


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For more information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Main Street Director at 229-794-2330.