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The Hahira Historical Society was founded and incorporated April 7th ,1994, by a group seeking to preserve and record the history of the city of Hahira, Northern Lowndes County and its people. The Society meets at the museum at 116 East Lawson Street on the second Monday of every month at 7:00 p.m., (Old Smith Hospital Doctors Building).  The meetings generally have programs designed around specific topics relating to the history, genealogy, folklore and archaeology of the area.

Membership in the Hahira Historical Society is open to anyone interested in the history, genealogy, folklore and archaeology of Hahira and Lowndes County, Georgia.

Membership dues fall into four categories:

1. Individual Membership -------------------------$  10.00 per year 
2. Family Membership ----------------------------$  15.00 per year 
3. Student --------------------------------------$    5.00 per year
4. Patron  ---------------------------------------
$  100.00 

If you are interested in membership or more information please phone, fax, write or e-mail to:

The Hahira Historical Society
116 E Lawson St
Hahira, GA 31632 
Phone 229-251-5996
Fax 229-794-9310

If you have any historical or research items (Family Bible, Pictures, Letters, display cases, desks, chairs, tables, filing cabinet etc.) that you would like to donate  or lend to the Society, please contact us.  If accepted they will be safely kept & displayed, in your family's name.

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Hahirans will always remember those lost and affected by the horrible terrorist attacks on the United States of America on 9/11/01.  We keep them in our thoughts and prayers. We encourage everyone to show their patriotism and do every thing possible to support those in need. We ask that you proudly fly our Nations flag in support of our Country, our President  and our men and women in uniform.   


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